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Interior Design
Nov. 2018

In the hospitality & food industries, design choices can make or break any venture. More and more restaurants, bars and cafe’s are turning towards innovative interior designers to ensure their success. Be inspired by experts in interior design as they guide you through the most successful projects of Barcelona, The City of Food and Design.
Accelerate your career in interior design for food experiences.

Join the 1 week International Program, and choose to add optional Online Sessions and Capsules for continued support after your trip.
(check the full program for online sessions details and costs).

Innovation is impossible in isolation.
Learn from the hands behind the brands.


1 week International Program + 7 weeks of Online Sessions (optional)
20 Participants
Price International Program: €1500 (excluding travel costs)
Price 7 Online sessions: €1000 (optional)

International Program details /10.00am -17.00pm daily/

Day 01


  • How to design to Michelin Star restaurant?
  • 4h. Portfolio reviews: Dr. Arch. Carmelo Zapulla
  • 2h. Talk & Tour: Guided tour to a Michelin star Restaurant designed by. Dr. Zapulla
  • Optional: Gastronomic Experiences in BCN

Day 02


  • Design and Food Experience
  • 2h. Talks & Tours: Master Presentation & debate with acclaimed designer Isabel Lopez
  • 4h. Talks & Tours: Guided site visits to successful projects designed by Isabel Lopez
  • Optional: Gastronomic Experiences in BCN

Day 03


  • Internalization of design and Food Experience
  • 2h. Talks & Tours: Master Presentation & debate with La Granja Studio
  • 4h. Talks & Tours: Guided site visit to successful projects of la Granja
  • Optional: Gastronomic Experiences in BCN

Day 04


  • How to run a creative business
  • 3h. Workshop: Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • 3h. Workshop: Build Your Brand
  • Optional: Gastronomic Experiences in BCN

Day 05


  • Designed in Barcelona 
  • 2h. Talk & Tour: Guided tour in Design Gallery in Barcelona
  • 2h. Talks & Tours: Guided visits to Design Education in Barcelona
  • 2h. Talks & Tours: Guided tour in Design Museum in Barcelona
  *Program subject to updates & modifications. For information or help in travel and accommodation, contact us

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Dr. Carmelo Zappulla

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Isabel Lopez

Interior Designer
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Jorge Rodriguez

Business & Entrepreneurship
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Rocio Martinavarro

Branding & Communication
Img Interior Design

Photo by Fernando Alda. Designed by Isabel Lopez.

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Join a global network of successful creatives in the fields of architecture,
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Jassim AlNasrallah - Arabic Calligrapher

“This program gave me the needed tools to merge between calligraphy and 3D pieces and products, I was always enchained by the 2D work of the calligraphy, moving forward was needed for me, CreaCities offered me this”
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Mona Al-Qanai

“Building these connections and memories will be with me for the rest of my life! The exposure, interactions, vast amount of knowledge and inspiration was amazing. I learnt where I stand as a creative and how I need to build myself in the business world”
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Nawar Al Kazemi - Square One Studio

On the behalf of myself all the participants, thank you! This has been a great place to start for some, a good evaluation for those whose career is escalating, and a pleasure for all of us to be exposed to this vast amount of knowledge and inspiration. I can’t wait to share this with everyone! Looking forward to more collaborations!”
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Rocío Martinavarro, Director & Founder Mayuscula

“I Just wanted to say it was a great experience to have you all here.I think CreaCities has a great future based on this first trip… I wish I were one of the participants ;)”